Youth Empowerment

Maa Bricks – Youth Social Enterprise

Maa Bricks is the first youth social enterprise targeting youth in the Mara. The goal is to provide job opportunity for young people. 38 out of 40 young men on May 2018 completed their one month training course in the production of bricks. 35 of them are now working and earning in production of commercial bricks making them self reliant and economically empowered for their families. 


Career Guidance

The Maa Trust Youth department organize career guidance in schools each September. This program begun in 2017, after realizing that most youth do not know the options that are available for them once they complete high school. We hope to impact over 2000 children in the next five years as we connect them to vocational schools and colleges of their preferred careers.


The Maa Trust has been empowering five youth groups with information. The high unemployment rate in the Mara among the youth  will force them to be more innovative and be job creators. The Maa Trust working with other partners will be focusing on tapping the business opportunities in the Mara through educating entrepreneurship skills and giving seed capital for a one year period. The youth are encouraged to work as a team and will be given soft skills from our programs department that will enable them have a business of their choice. The youth entrepreneurship program will have ripple effects through the seed funding, where after one year training and business set up, the youth groups can pay back the money  without any interest and a new group is enabling another different youth group to start their business. Our 2023 target is to empower 20 youth groups through business hence employment 250 youngsters.