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Suggested contributions:

$100: Buys 50% of a beehive, to be matched by a Maasai woman

$200: Monthly salary for a beading assistant, who in turn allows 110 women to participate in Maa Beadwork

$500: One month’s running costs for a Maa Trust vehicle, a critical component to our outreach work.

$700: One year’s full support for a bursary child in a boarding primary school

$1000: Valuable contribution towards Aitong Health Clinic

$3000: 15,000 litre rainwater harvesting system for a primary school

$52,000: Rainwater harvesting for a community of 600 people

Order Finpecia canada, Buy propecia (Finpecia) online

US donations can be made through legal buy Finpecia online, but please indicate that these are for The Maa Trust. Using this method, US residents can qualify for tax relief and we receive donations in full.

Other donations can be made online via Paypal, however, this comes with a 5% deduction and so we receive 95% of donations.

The final option is direct bank transfer to the Maa Trust’s bank accounts in Kenya. We have both a USD account and a KES account. Details are:

Bank: I&M Bank
Bank Address: Karen Connection, P.O. Box 30228, 00100 GPO, Nairobi, KENYA
Account Name: The Maa Trust
USD Account number: 00800438181210
KES Account number: 00800438181211

Please always contact the Trust to give details of your donation. We will then also keep in close contact with you detailing the progress of your contribution and its implementation.

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